A downloadable game for Windows

Zurvivor is a four player, non-violent zombie survival game where players are trapped in a quarantined town filled with an ever growing zombie horde. Your goal is not to defeat the zombie threat but to survive the five days before the rescue helicopter arrives. With limited resources scattered around town can you survive this unforgiving world? Can you trust you team?

This game requires 4 people with an xbox controller each for an optimal play session.

The Team:

  • Rowan Patman - Designer
  • Sean McAllister - Programmer
  • Ben Drury - Character Animator
  • Joanne Laidlow - Environment Art
  • Erika Verkaaik - Character Animation and asset art
  • Thalia Colettis - Audio
  • Felan Leong - Audio
  • Alexander Ross - Audio
  • Kevin Wu - Audio


zurvivor.zip 54 MB